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At Frederiksborg Horse Farm our goal is to provide the highest pregnancy rate possible for your mare (s) through careful monitoring and performing artificial insemination at the optimal time. We have modern equipment and are familiar with the techniques and hormone protocol needed, as well as the newest stallion semen collection and semen evaluation equipment to ensure best possible results. Our excellent horse boarding and equine breeding facilities, nutritional knowledge and experienced staff, insures the best possible care of your horse while in our care.

Benefits of artificial insemination versus live horse breeding:
-Disease control
-Breed increased number of mares
-Problem stallions
-Problem mares
-Greater success rate

Frozen Semen VS Cooled Semen:
Generally, any time you manipulate semen, the per-cycle pregnancy rate decreases. The rate should be highest for fresh semen, then cooled-shipped semen, followed by frozen-thawed semen. This assumes a reproductively healthy mare and stallion. Per-cycle pregnancy rates with frozen-thawed semen are reported to range from 0 to 70%.

Therefore, it is important to do a little homework prior to choosing to use frozen semen. It is important to know the first-cycle pregnancy rate for that stallion's frozen-thawed semen. This information is also important when using shipped-cooled semen. Next one needs to know how the mares were bred to achieve this pregnancy rate. Were the mares bred before, after, or before and after ovulation? Also, were the mares bred with a full dose (and what constitutes a full dose for that particular stallion) or was a dose split in half to allow breeding before and after ovulation? Was the semen deposited in the uterine body or was deep horn insemination used?

In order to achieve the stallion's reported pregnancy rate, you must be able to repeat the breeding management used to obtain those rates.

Mare selection also plays a role in the success or failure of frozen thawed semen. A reproductively healthy mare should always be used when fertilizing with frozen-thawed semen. Older maiden mares should be avoided because the cervix is not able to relax properly in many of these mares. There is an inflammatory response to insemination with frozen-thawed semen. One aspect of an inflammatory response is fluid production by the uterus. If the cervix does not relax properly to allow the fluid to escape, the inflammation increases (as does fluid production and accumulation), and a vicious cycle begins. There is more effort and cost associated with the use of frozen-thawed semen, but this can be decreased if multiple doses of semen are available. In conclusion, success with frozen-thawed semen is stallion- and mare-dependent. If you have a reproductively sound mare and can find a stallion that has good fertility with his frozen-thawed semen, you can be successful.

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