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Be part of the distinctive group of people who owns a horse, of a breed, that dates back to the 1600's, when Danish King Frederik II began this Majestic Royal Blood Line. Few true Frederiksborg horses exist in the world because so many have been cross bred; but not our lineage.

Presently only small numbers of Frederiksborg horses exists in the US and there are fewer than 2000 registered Frederiksborg horses in the world! The Frederiksborgs are Sport horses bred for Jumping, Carriage, Dressage, Vaulting & Jousting and just plain riding; they have action, suspension, motion, good minds, disposition & confirmation, easy to train. Their unique quality is their strong well formed back, legs & hoofs and the ability to excel in various disciplines.

Each horse has been halter & saddle broke; yes, even the yearlings have carried a saddle, both Western & English and have been trained with good ground manners; by age three their bones are well-formed and able to sustain a rigorous training program.

Our breeding goal is to continue this Majestic Royal Blood Line. These Extraordinary Horses are anything but Ordinary.

Breed History
During the 16th century, the elegant Frederiksborg saddle horses of Denmark were highly-valued as superior military chargers. This breed was one of the most sought after in Europe. King Frederik II, a savvy horse breeder, developed the Frederiksborg stud based on Spanish Andalusians and Neapolitan stock. The Andalusians contributed the graceful elegance, flashy action and commanding authority to the Frederiksborg.

They were in great demand for use in the Haute Ecole work popular in the courts of Europe, as well as suitable officer's mount for cavalry use, at the military parade grounds, in court ceremonies and as carriage horses.

The qualities indigenous to the Frederiksborg were extensively utilized throughout Europe to develop and improve many other breeds, including the Lipizzaner, the Jutland and the Orlov Trotter. As interest grew in this breed, because of its steadfast disposition, it evolved into an all around performance horse. The Frederiksborg has been proven in the dressage arena, carriage pull, endurance competition and hunter-jumper. This breed enriches the riding experience because of its even temperament, strong back and legs.

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