-Frequently Asked Questions-

When should a horse be tested for CEM?
All breeding horses need to have had one negative CEM culture no more than 30 days prior to leaving the country of origin. Federal Law required that all breeding horses over the age of 731 days imported into the United States from a country that is known to have the disease Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) must go to an approved CEM quarantine facility for testing and treatment. Geldings are not considered breeding horses.

What is CEM?
CEM is a venereal disease caused by bacteria and spread through breeding. Ultimately, CEM results in a mare's inability to conceive. Stallions can carry and spread the disease, but do not always show clinical signs.

Can any barn be a quarantine facility?
No. A quarantine barn must be inspected by the USDA Veterinarian and must meet certain criteria. Frederiksborg Horse Farm is an approved USDA/CEM Import/Export (into and out of the USA) quarantine facility. Our stalls are 14'x14' painted steel panels which can be easily washed and disinfected between housing horses; each stall is bedded with pine shavings over rubber matted floors and refreshed or replaced daily. We are inspected by the USDA on a yearly basis, and a USDA Veterinarian is present during the CEM testing; during this time the property is inspected.

What is Mare CEM quarantine?
The CEM quarantine for a mare includes up to 15-20 days board which is required for the CEM testing protocol to be conducted. Mares are tsted at required intervals throughout the quarantine period. Once testing is completed and negative results obtained, the USDA will issue an official release from the quarantine facility, then the imported mare is free to leave the CEM quarantine facility for final destination in the USA. (See flow chart for imported mares.)

What is Stallion CEM quarantine?
The CEM quarantine for a stallion is approximately 30-45 days board which is required for the CEM testing protocol to be conducted. Each stallion must live cover two CEM free mares. Ther are bred to the stallion then cultured and a blood sample taken to establish that no CEM bacteria have been transmitted from the stallion to the mare. This procedure is essential to validate a negative result. The testing procedure of the stallion and the CEM-free mares takes approximately 30-45 days to complete. A negative CEM test from both the stallion and the two test mares will result in an official release from the USDA. The imported stallion is then free to leave the CEM quarantine facility for final destination in the USA. (See flow chart for imported stallions.)

What if my horse needs Veterinary care during CEM quarantine?
Should your horse require any other veterinary treatment, you will be notified and a veterinarian of your choice will be informed or you may wish to have the Frederiksborg Horse Farm veterinarian treat your horse.

What other services do you recommend?
We recommend that your horse be de-wormed and, if necessary, vaccinated for West Nile and/or treated for any condition while in quarantine. Daily exercise for your horse on a horse walker or in a 60' roundpen for running. Horses should be conditioned during quarantine. A farrier can be made available, if necessary. These services are seperate from the CEM testing charges and any of these services must be paid in full before departure.

How much does it cost to quarantine a horse at Frederiksborg Horse Farm?
$1950 - Mare (approx. 15-20 days) $2200 - Mare/Foal (approx. 15-20 days)
$3500 - Stallion (approx. 30-45 days)
**Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call for a current quote.

When do I have to apy for services rendered?
An Import/CEM Contract must be signed and returned prior to your horse's delivery to Frederiksborg Horse Farm. A deposit is required at time of making a reservation and the remaining balance is due before the horse's arrival. If we do not revieve the signed contract and required funds, the horse will not begin its testing but will be placed in quarantine board the $20/day additional. Testing will begin when the signed contract and funds have been recieved. For those additional services requested by the owner or warranted by the horse, ie veterinary care, payment shall be made in full before the horse is released from Frederiksborg Horse Farm.

Can Frederiksborg Horse Farm export my horse?
Yes! Our US central location makes shipping horses out of and into the country convenient for our customers.

Are there requirements for exporting a horse?
Yes. Exporting horses from the USA to another country requires and isolation/quarantine period. Your horse will undergo certain tests to meet all export requirements; these required tests cary from country to country. Once we recieve negative results on tests taken, a health certificate will be completed by an accredited attending veterinarian. This health certificate must be approved by the USDA prior to your horse's departure.

How do I recieve a quote for export?
Frederiksborg Horse Farm needs to know the destination country. We will then ascertain what requirements and tesets, if any, the country requires. At this point, Frederiksborg Horse Farm will send you an export contract spelling out the cost and requirements for your export.
Contracts and funds for exporting your horse must be paid at the time of horse(s) arrival to Frederiksborg Horse Farm.

The export funds will include payment for:
- Quarantine/Daily care
- Testing and preperation of all health certificates and documents
- Transportation to airport of departure
- USDA charges at departure airport, export handling and air freight costs to destination airport
Not included in export quote:
- Health or accident insurance for horse(s)
- Importation costs at the destination airport, such as but not limited to terminal charges and custom clearance costs
- Hualing to final destination from airport
- Hauling to Frederiksborg Horse Farm from original purchase destination in USA
- Additional vet, farrier, or other requests will be billed as extra charges

What are my responsibilites as owner?
As owner, you must provide the following:
- Signed export agreement
- Payment due in full upon arrival; if payment is not made accumulative board of $20/day will be charged from arrival date
- Current negative coggins test (w/in 12 months)
- Copy of registry/association papers
- Copy of invoice/bill of sale for customs clearance at point of destination
- EVA Vaccination documentation (if vaccinated for EVA) for all horses, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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